Safety & Legal Notice

1 User (driver ) must read the instructions carefully before first use .
Improper use of the vehicle can lead to dangerous accidents with serious injuries, even unto death .
2 This vehicle is not a toy .
3 Drivers under the age of 16 may not drive this vehicle .
4 Important! Children and adolescents is not allowed to drive this vehicle.
5.Wichtig ! Need to avoid risks and risk of injury all the necessary precautions to be taken by the driver . Particularly among young people , the supervising adult to person , check all safety precautions taken meticulously.
6.Warnhinweis age restriction is observed. ( See Warning sticker)
7.Bevor the technical requirements are met on functionality , the vehicle must not be used. During adjustment or maintenance, please do not use the vehicle .
8 Please check before driving the state of the vehicle on soundness .
9.Unsachgemäße change of the vehicle or the attachment of improper replacement parts are verboten.Bei Failure to do this will void the product liability.
10.Schwangere people should not use the vehicle . Use at your own risk.
11th This vehicle is prohibited on public roads to drive.
Please stay on public roads and push the vehicle.
12th Important! The vehicle is solely for use by one person. It is also strictly forbidden to carry passengers . 13.Wichtig ! Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medicines are forbidden . Otherwise, it can lead to accidents resulting in injuries or even death. 14.Bitte always pay attention to your driving at excessive speed Geschwindigkeit.Nie .
Never give 15.Während driving the throttle suddenly or brake suddenly .
16th The acceleration unit has been set. The user may this not independently anpassen.Veränderungen on the vehicle could lead to dangerous accidents with serious injury fatal consequence , even unto death .
17th Before every ride always a helmet and protective clothing provided protection (see p.9) .
18th Please address any questions regarding the operation of the vehicle to the importer or the retail shop where you purchased the vehicle .
19th Please learn to use the vehicle, the presupposed state and local laws and know all the rules and guidelines.
20th Brakes are subject to wear and use , depending on frequency of use in the course of time .
For this reason, the brakes are to be maintained at regular intervals .
21.Kontrollieren the brakes before each trip.
22.Warnung ! Near the tanks , smoking is strictly prohibited in order to avoid fire and explosion.
23.Warnung ! If gasoline or oil drips from the vehicle never start the engine.
24.Starten the vehicle in a well ventilated area .
The exhaust gases in unventilated areas could lead to poisoning .
Never 25.Berühren the engine while it is running and not just after switch off the engine in order to avoid burns . 26.Schadensansprüche result of an accident , we reject ab.Benutzung at your own risk

Despite all the warnings in the instruction manual , unforeseen dangers can not be excluded.
Please refer to the vehicle -mounted warning – signs carefully.
1 The warning signs provide important safety information .
2 The user must follow the contents of the manual and the warnings .
3 Make sure that all warning notices have been attached to the vehicle correctly .
4.If a mounted on the vehicle warning should not be Readable or dropped , then this provision shall be made to replace the warning .